Consulting Engineering

Sustainable, High Performance Buildings

We design high performing MEP systems, but to be the industry leader, we challenge ourselves to engage projects in a greater role. Status quo engineers generate status quo results. We view each new challenge as an opportunity for innovation

Whether devising new methods of measuring indoor air quality or creating our own energy dashboard from scratch, we often find ourselves doing things no MEP engineer has done before in order to lift our projects to another level. Solutions to our client’s problems don’t always exist and we have learned not to wait on others to solve them.

Sustainability and occupant health permeate everything that we do, however we know that today’s building owners expect greater levels of comfort and maintainability than ever before. We understand that the best MEP systems are typically those that are not seen or heard.

Our engineers are thoughtful and willing to help achieve broader project goals that may only be indirectly related to MEP systems.

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