55 Years Serving the Industry

CMTA is the only firm in the U.S. that delivers MEP engineering, performance contracting, and zero energy / zero carbon buildings. We focus on lowering building and campus utility costs, improving resiliency and sustainability, and enhancing the health and wellness of communities by designing energy-efficient, high-performance facilities. To meet the needs of future generations, we prioritize indoor air quality, decarbonization, and environmental stewardship in all our projects.

As a data-driven, results-proven company, CMTA leads the industry in building performance analytics. With over 25 years of actual utility data from our design portfolio, we utilize our real-world performance metrics to inform our design process on every project. We are transforming the built environment, designing a future where high-performance, sustainable, healthy buildings are the standard rather than the exception.

Environmental Stewardship

Square Feet of Zero Energy Facility Design
Square Feet of Zero Carbon Facility Design
Square Feet of Decarbonized Buildings and Campuses
Square Feet of Buildings in Operation Below 35 EUI
Megawatts of Renewable Energy Designed and Installed
Miles of Geothermal Piping
Gallons of Water Saved Annually
Square Feet of Healthy Buildings
Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Designed
ENERGY STAR Certified Projects
Square Feet of Living Building Certified Facilities
Targeted Inflation Reduction Act Funding for Clients

Leaders in Sustainability

CMTA has built its reputation on research and data-driven design. Our buildings are moving beyond energy efficiency and sustainability to lead the industry's focus on improving occupant health and wellness. Designed to achieve WELL Gold and Zero Energy standards, our corporate office is a testament to our sustainability leadership and commitment. In 2020, the CMTA Corporate Headquarters became the first WELL Gold Certified Zero Energy Building in the United States.

Our Mission

Leverage our expertise and passion to create meaningful experiences and opportunities for the CMTA team and our clients while serving the greater good.

Our Vision

Lead the decarbonization of the built environment using evidence-based Building Science Leadership to create energy-efficient, healthy buildings around the world.

CMTA is a Legence Company

Legence, a Blackstone portfolio company is an Energy Transition Accelerator™. Our team radically improves the performance of the built environment by maximizing efficiency consumption. We're fostering the future by championing building efficiency today.

CMTA is a Legence Company