Engineered for Growth

CMTA is one of the fastest growing engineering firms in the U.S. with nationally recognized expertise in sustainable, high performance building engineering. We are a collaborative, competitive, innovative, and energetic group of engineers and team leaders who incorporate a holistic approach towards consulting engineering, performance contracting, and zero energy projects. We focus on finding engineers whose personalities lead them to excellence, and we provide exceptional opportunities for our employees. As CMTA grows, we want to maintain a culture that is family centered, team oriented. CMTA is a company where we hold each other accountable and take time to celebrate individual and company success.

The culture at CMTA is ‘work hard, play hard.’ Leadership makes a noticeable effort to celebrate CMTA employees and our company achievements.

Katherine L.
CMTA Nashville

I had a unique co-op experience with CMTA. I worked with engineers daily, visiting job sites where our designs were constructed. Seeing my designs in real-world applications will always be so rewarding!

Brian B.
CMTA Dallas

I love working at CMTA! I’m proud to be a part of inspiring projects that align with my values of building a sustainable future and be around professional engineers that have in-depth industry knowledge and experience.

Mechanical Co-op
CMTA Boston

CMTA provides endless growth opportunities for young engineers just starting their careers as well as experienced professionals looking for a change.

Kevin S.
CMTA San Francisco

CMTA is my first job out of college and I am confident that I could not have found a better place to begin and end my engineering career!

Megan B.
CMTA Louisville

The culture that CMTA has cultivated is one of excellence. When I look at the people I’m surrounded by, and watch the people who lead me, it pushes me to be a better professional!

Abby L.
CMTA Indianapolis

While I love the challenge of engineering, the people at CMTA are what keeps me around. From my coworkers to our leadership and clients, the personal relationships I’ve developed are invaluable.

Liz A.
CMTA Louisville

My experience at CMTA has been great! From day one, I’ve felt very supported by everyone around me to help me, pushing me to learn and grow in my career.

Brad B.
CMTA Richmond

The interview process felt like I was talking with an old friend, leadership was inviting and genuine; and I knew from meeting people around the office, CMTA was the place I wanted to be! 

Electrical Co-op
CMTA Houston

When you have a company like CMTA that treats you right and pays you well, there is no reason to leave. Putting CMTA employees first has excelled CMTA growth and fostered a great company culture! 

Kyle W.
CMTA Cincinnati

I like working at CMTA because they offer flexible work schedules, collaboration between offices, opportunities for growth and the company’s overall contribution to a greener environment.

Anya W.


At CMTA, we believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential to being a national leader and for creating the best products, services, and experiences for our employees and clients. The unique experiences and perspectives of each person make us a stronger company, enhancing our ability to create and deliver high-value work for our clients.


Our Mission

Leverage our expertise and passion to create meaningful experiences and opportunities for CMTA staff and our clients, in an effort to serve the greater good.

It’s not accidental, we really focus on culture. Culture eats everything else for lunch. We want to hang on to that entrepreneurial spirit. We want to help encourage professional growth and growth of the team... and that comes out of the history of CMTA.

Tony Hans, PE, RCCD, LEED AP
CMTA VP, National Director of Sustainable Projects


We walk our sustainability talk. Our headquarters office is Zero Energy, LEED Gold certified and holds a perfect ENERGY STAR score. In 2020, the CMTA Energy Solutions office became the first building of its kind - both Zero Energy and WELL Gold certified. It’s in our Core Values to create designs that are data-driven and research based. We want our engineers to not only approach design this way, but work in an environment that incorporates what we are all about.

CMTA Energy Solutions Office

Grow From Within