Design Innovations

Inventing Products and Providing Innovative Solutions

At CMTA, we invent products, fill gaps in the industry and are transforming the market. We are NOT risk adverse. When an owner asked CMTA to provide a system to connect the built environment straight to learning and to put live raw data into the teachers’ and students’ hands, CMTA invented a system that didn’t otherwise exist. When our Construction Administration engineers looked for a straight forward and efficient Building Punch List System, they decided creating one would be the most effective solution. We are driven to satisfy the needs of the client and look to use innovative solutions to fill gaps in the market.

Energy Efficiency Education

Your Virtual Building Energy Educator

In the early 2000s, CMTA educators began using the buildings as a teaching tool, pulling back the curtain on building systems so staff and students alike could understand the effect of systems on performance. Watching our students lead tours of their high-performance buildings and listening to them explain the systems and observing the interactions between the building and its occupants inspired our team of building science leaders.

Having pioneered some of the most student-oriented, interactive learning dashboards ever implemented, CMTA was not content to rest. Our team of building scientists are once again ahead of the curve with CMTA SPHERE.

CMTA SPHERE combines the latest in immersive technology with virtual reality customized to a particular facility. Each SPHERE system is unique, designed to reinforce a project's particular educational goals, and in line with STEM goals that will drive future success.

Live CMTA SPHERE Dashboards