West Charlotte High School

Charlotte, North Carolina

West Charlotte High School was established in 1938 and has undergone many additions and renovations since. The existing campus is composed of multiple buildings that require the students to frequently walk outdoors throughout the day to get to their classes, creating a safety concern for the students. It was decided to build a new facility on the campus to replace all of the existing buildings, all while the original high school campus is still in use.

Constructing the new facility while the campus is in use will have many challenges. It will require numerous phases to ensure all utilities are maintained, and most importantly, ensure the safety of the students and staff.

The new facility will be a 338,519, three-story building designed for 2,000 students. In will include not only classrooms but will have a full auditorium, natatorium, and football stadium. It will utilize an enhanced thermal envelope that will be pressure tested to ensure a tight building envelope. The safety of the students will be increased due to all classes being in one building, and also by having the latest technology in access control and video management systems.