Performance Contracting

Loudoun County Public Schools

Loudoun County Public SchoolsAshburn, Virginia

This project is a Guaranteed Energy Savings Contract for Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS), a school district serving the area west of Washington D.C. The scope of the contract includes 100+ schools and administrative support facilities, approximately 13 million square feet. To date, LCPS has issued eight delivery orders under a master agreement for a total of $104 million, covering work on dozens of schools, including $13 million in solar photovoltaic arrays. Upon completion, the multi-phase contract is projected to include over $300 million in facility upgrades and save over $6 million annually.

The role of sustainability in shaping strategic decisions for Loudoun County Public Schools cannot be overstated. The district has joined nationwide efforts to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, driving significant environmental change. Since 2019, CMTA has been helping LCPS successfully implement their sustainability goals across their existing facilities, as well as several new buildings.

The significant results from CMTA’s Phase 1 project at J. Lupton Simpson Middle School established the guideline for energy conservation measures to be implemented across the school district. As part of Phase 2, 244,080 square feet within six facilities underwent HVAC renovations aimed at enhancing indoor air quality (IAQ). Two schools, Aldie Elementary School and Banneker Elementary School, received groundbreaking geothermal heat pumps, marking the first installation of such technology at LCPS. The success of these major renovations expanded the program to include these critical system replacements in conjunction with proven energy conservation measures.

The Phase 4 project provided a unique opportunity for CMTA’s Energy Solutions team to join forces with CMTA’s Design and Technology Solutions team to design a 562.5 KW solar photovoltaic array at Hovatter Elementary School, prior to the facility even being constructed. As soon as construction was complete on this new elementary school, CMTA’s Energy Solution team completed the installation of the solar array.

The highlight of the overall program is Ashburn Elementary School, which is included within Phase 8. The project is CMTA’s first Zero Energy Renovation to be designed and built by Performance Contracting. The design will become the standard for upcoming critical system replacements throughout the school district.

Phases 1-8 include the following work across 49 facilities:

  • 5,603 kW-DC for 14 schools, as well as a web-based solar dashboard
  • 38,787 LED lighting upgrades across 30 buildings, including occupancy sensors and dimming controls
  • LED theatrical lighting for 5 schools
  • 3 switchgears, 3 generators, and 70 secondary transformer replacements
  • 11 BAS controls replacements and 21 BAS controls integrations
  • Holistic HVAC renovations for 9 schools, 456,349 SF, including 3 geothermal water source heat pump projects with a total of 192 vertical wells
  • 47 HVAC rooftop units and condensing unit replacements across 19 schools
  • High efficiency condensing boiler replacements for 9 schools
  • Chiller replacements for 16 schools and a cooling tower replacement for 1 school
  • Heat recovery chiller for 1 school
  • New Fire suppression system installation for 3 schools and fire alarm system replacement for 1 school
  • Enhanced air filtration and increased outside air ventilation
  • Domestic hot water heater replacements
  • Building envelope improvements that include new windows, spray foam insulation, vapor barrier installation, weather-stripping, and door seals
  • Water efficiency upgrades
  • Utility rate adjustments, fuel conversions, and utility meter elimination
  • Full commissioning, Energy Star Reporting and development of a Sustainability Report

Our CMTA project team is consistently very responsive, professional, and flexible. Every renovation project has unique challenges, but the difference with CMTA is the commitment from their team to work with our team in resolving issues quickly and professionally, a true team partnership approach.

Edward (Don) Treanor V

Executive Director/Chief of Facilities, Loudoun County Public Schools