Performance Contracting

Ashburn Elementary School

Loudoun County Public SchoolsAshburn, VA

Ashburn Elementary School, built in 1992, has operated for 30+ years without any major renovations. The building’s mechanical systems were at the end of their useful life and required complete replacement for continued, reliable use of the school. After reviewing project options, Loudoun County Public Schools and CMTA determined that a geothermal water source heat pump system would provide the most energy-efficient and cost-effective solution for the school. Following the renovation, Ashburn Elementary School will be the county’s most energy efficient school.

The Ashburn Elementary School renovation project is the eighth delivery order of a multi-phase Energy Performance Contract between LCPS and CMTA. The project is CMTA’s first Zero Energy renovation to be designed and built through performance contracting. The design will become the standard for upcoming critical system replacements throughout the school district.

The soccer field behind Ashburn Elementary School proved to be the best location onsite for a new geothermal wellfield. Transitioning to geothermal meant that natural gas boilers could be removed, making the building run almost exclusively on electricity. The recently replaced roof and lack of obstructions made this school a perfect candidate for a solar installation that offsets the building’s energy use. Replacement of the HVAC systems required the removal of lay-in ceilings. Replacement of these ceilings created an optimal opportunity to complete a full building LED lighting replacement with new fixtures and controls. Occupancy sensors were installed in strategic locations to control the new lighting, and dimming controls were installed in all instructional and office spaces to improve occupancy comfort and learning environments. Additional project improvements are listed below:

  • 505.25 kW PV Solar Array Composed of 1,123 Bifacial Solar Panels
  • Geothermal Water Source Heat Pump System
  • Dedicated Outdoor Air Supply System with Energy Recovery
  • New Soccer Sports Field and Irrigation System
  • Web-based Digital Direct Control (DDC) System
  • Full LED Lighting Renovation, Both Interior and Exterior, as well as Lighting Controls
  • Full Building Ceiling Replacement
  • Transformer Replacements
  • Generator and Automatic Transfer Switch Replacement
  • Building Envelope Improvements
  • Plumbing Fixture Replacements
  • Domestic Hot Water Heater Replacement

CMTA did an excellent job designing, scheduling, installing, and commissioning multiple energy and MEP systems upgrades….[They] understood and supported demanding timelines and periods of restricted access while providing outstanding issue resolution, ensuring minimal impact to operations.

William Wohead

Director of Facilities