Zero Energy

Jefferson Union High School

Jefferson Union High School DistrictDaly City, California

This project involved the renovation and addition of a new district office and adult school to the Jefferson Union High School District. The two-story, 30,000 square foot office building and 39,000 square foot classroom building are designed to be Net Zero energy.

The existing facility was a 1970s-era school with no windows, limited daylighting, an open plan, infill walls with rooms, and topper rooms. Using efficient daylighting and passive design techniques, are helping to achieve high indoor air quality and minimize outside air infiltration for the building renovation and expansion.

A tight building envelope will help ensure a low energy use intensity while roof-mounted photovoltaic panels will make the project operationally carbon neutral.

The two buildings have south-facing roofs in order to capitalize on the daylighting and the photovoltaic panels.

A publicly accessible portion of the property will include green space, a children’s playground, a basketball court, a walking path with seating areas, community gathering places, and electric vehicle–charging stations.