Performance Contracting

Upper Dublin Schools

Upper Dublin SchoolsMaple Glen, Pennsylvania

This project in Maple Glen, Pennsylvania is a Guaranteed Energy Savings Contract that is being implemented in the wake of an EF-2 tornado that damaged the facility. The scope of work includes major HVAC renovation that will be implemented in tandem with ongoing storm damage restoration efforts. 

The scope for the first phase has included:

  • A complete HVAC renovation, including the implementation of a geothermal wellfield to serve new water-source heat pumps and the installation of rooftop units and energy recovery units 
  • The introduction of cooling to the gym, cafeteria, and kitchen, and ventilation cooling to all classrooms
  • Replacement of the existing pneumatic HVAC control system to a new, web-based direct digital control (DDC) system 
  • Integration of the new HVAC controls into the existing school district controls infrastructure, allowing UDSD staff control of multiple facilities from a single interface
  • The introduction of a fire protection system to provide a fully sprinkled facility
  • LED lighting upgrades and the installation of occupancy and daylighting sensor controls
  • New cabinets and ceilings, freshly painted walls, and new or refinished floors and doors

The second phase involves boiler upgrades at 2 Upper Dublin School District facilities, Thomas Fitzwater Elementary School (TFES) and Maple Glen Elementary School (MGES). 

Each facility will realize both cost savings and reduced maintenance by the replacement of the existing non-condensing boilers with new high-efficiency condensing boilers, as well as associated ductwork, piping, controls, and electrical connections.

MGES will benefit from the opportunity to repurpose existing boilers with useful life remaining from another district facility, Fort Washington Elementary School (FWES). FWES received a comprehensive geothermal HVAC renovation in Phase 1 of this project, so its original boilers were available to use. These high-efficiency boilers will be relocated to MGES and installed alongside new primary pumps.

TFES will receive new boilers and primary pumps to replace existing boilers that have already had sections removed, due to failed operations. This boiler upgrade is also in preparation for a potential near-term renovation.

The third phase involves an HVAC renovation for Thomas Fitzwater Elementary School (TFES) and controls upgrades at Maple Glen Elementary School (MGES).The scope includes:

  • A complete HVAC renovation to replace the existing HVAC system for TFES, including demolition of existing equipment and installation of new variable speed pumps, new hot water heating/direct expansion cooling unit ventilators with energy recovery capabilities, new packaged rooftop units with direct expansion cooling and natural gas heat, and a new domestic hot water heater
  • New HVAC direct digital controls for TFES, to be integrated into existing front end interface, that includes DDC hardware and software, control sequence optimization, and commissioning to improve comfort and limit energy conservationInterior and exterior LED lighting upgrades and retrofit solutions for TFES, including occupancy and daylighting sensors
  • New fire protection sprinkler system for TFES
  • Retrocommissioning for MGES, including a fully integrated building automation system, implementation of energy saving sequences and repairs to existing controls deficiencies
  • Increase in electricity to provide ventilation to all areas of the building and add cooling to the gym, cafeteria and kitchen areas