Performance Contracting

Pottsgrove Schools

Pottsgrove School DistrictPottstown, Pennsylvania

CMTA is performing a guaranteed energy savings contract project for Pottsgrove School District under a Master Agreement that utilizes multiple phases. The scope for Phase 1 involves:

  • New LED fixtures and retrofit solutions installed throughout Ringing Rocks Elementary School for both interior and exterior lighting
  • The existing Encelium controls system and associated components will be demolished, and new switches, dimmer switches, occupancy sensors, power packs and input/output modules will be installed throughout the facility
  • All windows in the music room of Pottsgrove Middle School will be replaced with new double pane windows

Phase 2 consists of a complete HVAC renovation at a 60,000 SF elementary school, West Pottsgrove Elementary School. The scope of work includes:

  • Complete geothermal HVAC renovation that includes the demolition of the existing 4-pipe HVAC system and installation of a new water source heat pump system with a geothermal wellfield
  • Complete roof replacement with option to install a roof-mounted solar array
  • Retro-commissioning opportunities at several other schools across the district to identify failed sensors/other control devices and implement optimized control sequences to correct excessive energy consumption and comfort issues

The geothermal renovation and roof replacement with solar option is eligible for a direct rebate payment under the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).