Performance Contracting

Fairfax County Government Phases 1 & 2

Fairfax County GovernmentFairfax, Virginia

This project is an ongoing performance contract with the government of Fairfax County, Virginia. The first phase of this project with this governmental body included energy upgrades for two fitness/recreational “RECenter” facilities and the City of Fairfax Regional Library.

Phase 1 project highlights include the following:

Cub Run RECenter

  • New 9 million BTU hot water plant with new condensing boilers, pumps, and variable frequency drives (VFDs)
  • Hot water plant renovation includes decoupling of hydronic and domestic water systems for greater control and increased energy savings
  • New heat recovery chiller system to recover waste energy and utilize it to heat the building’s two indoor pools
  • Central plant control upgrades and advanced energy saving operational sequences

South Run RECenter

  • HVAC upgrades throughout the facility, including new pool dehumidification units, packaged rooftop units, and variable air volume (VAV) systems
  • HVAC system upgrade from constant volume to high-performance VAV system to maximize energy savings
  • New Building Automation System (BAS) for all HVAC equipment in the facility

City of Fairfax Regional Library

  • Upgrading the existing lighting system with energy-efficient LED technology
  • Installing occupancy (motion) sensors and time clocks to further increase energy savings and extend lamp life
  • Adding low-flow faucet aerators to all sinks in public restrooms to increase water and sewer savings in the facility
  • Comprehensive commissioning that includes: 
  • ensuring that equipment and systems are installed correctly
  • dynamic testing of equipment and systems 
  • thorough training
  • complete operations and maintenance documentation

The second phase of this project concerns the Pender Office Building, 53,269 square feet. It houses Housing Community Development offices. The second phase also includes energy upgrades for 2 Fairfax County fire stations, Reston and Woodlawn, the 102,000 square foot Spring Hill RECenter, Newington Vehicle Office and the I66 Transfer Station.

Pender Office Building

  • Installation of a rooftop 91.35 kW solar photovoltaic array for onsite power generation
  • Replacement of three existing 480V/120V electric transformers with new, high-efficiency units
  • Replacement of two split air handling units and three rooftop variable air volume (VAV) air handling units with highly efficient units for increased energy savings
  • Improvement of the thermal boundaries of the facility by creating a tighter building seal, employing weatherstripping and sealing methods at several locations to improve the overall building envelope
  • Upgrade of the existing lighting system with energy-efficient LED technology
  • Implementation of Low-E window film that has high solar energy rejection properties on the interior side of all glass at the facility for optimal energy savings

Spring Hill RECenter

For the 102,000 square foot Spring Hill RECenter, the project involves the following scope:

  • HVAC system replacement, from 4-pipe boiler and chiller to high-efficiency geothermal water sourced heat pumps
  • Installation of a rooftop 307.35 kW solar photovoltaic array with 638 panels for onsite power generation
  • New electric heat pump domestic hot water system integrated into geothermal system
  • Installation of new pool dehumidification units 

Fire Stations

For both stations, CMTA is installing rooftop solar photovoltaic arrays for onsite power generation that totals 100 kW. Both systems will be installed using a weighted ballast system.

Newington Vehicle Office

CMTA is installing a 150.3 kW solar PV array with 334 panels on the roof of this building.

I66 Transfer Station

CMTA is installing a 350.98 kW solar PV array with 644 panels on the roof of this building.