Performance Contracting

Kentucky Statewide Lighting Retrofit

Kentucky Department of TransportationKentucky, USA

For this performance contracting project with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) and Finance Cabinet, CMTA retrofitted KYTC-maintained roadway lighting with energy-efficient LED fixtures statewide. The energy savings from the project will pay for the overall cost of the effort in ten years.

Recent advancements to LED-lighting technology have made it advisable to pursue this retrofit effort. The upgrades will reduce the energy consumption of the roadway lighting systems by more than 50 percent, saving tax dollars.

This effort provides the following benefits to KYTC and the public:

  • More than $2,800,000 saved annually through reduced utility and maintenance costs
  • Replacement of state-maintained high-mast (5,780 fixtures) and cobrahead lighting (12,692 fixtures)
  • Replacement of lights at state-owned maintenance garages/parking lots (currently 1,573 fixtures)
  • Upgraded lighting in Cochrane Tunnel (I-64, Jefferson County, 154 fixtures) and Cumberland Gap Tunnel (US 25E, Bell County, 824 fixtures)
  • Environmental enhancements due to reduced energy consumption
  • Potential safety enhancement due to improved color spectrum (whiter light) and fewer outages
  • Longer lasting fixtures will potentially enhance employee safety and create less congestion due to reduced work zones and lane closures for maintenance
  • Replacement of problematic cabinets and relocation of poles that are frequently hit
  • LED technology permits the potential use of adaptive lighting/light curfews that could allow for additional savings in the future