Consulting Engineering

SDF Operations Center

Louisville Regional Airport AuthorityLouisville, Kentucky

CMTA partnered with the Louisville Regional Airport Authority to design and commission the new state-of-the-art Operations Center and Data Center at Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport. The Operations Center is the most critical location on the airport’s campus, enabling the operations department to administer airfield and facility activity and ensure the safety of all cargo, its airline partners and the traveling public. Features of the command center include a 14-monitor video wall, five employee workstations, each containing four monitors with front-facing views of the large video wall, three redundant badging workstations, a 10-workstation training room, intercom technology, centralized building automation system, and active circadian lighting. 10,246 miles of fiber cabling were installed. 

The Command Operations Center is a 24/7 facility that uses various technologies to monitor and control airport access control, parking, flight information, weather, property work orders, airfield status, radio communications, airport public safety, operations, maintenance, and aircraft radio traffic. Resiliency features include downtime minimization, implementation of energy efficiency, and staff safety. The electrical and mechanical system design allow it to be isolated from the rest of the terminal building and remain operational under emergency conditions.  

Unique circadian lighting design strategies were implemented to increase the alertness of operations center employees throughout the day and night. The centralized Building Automation System monitors all HVAC, lighting, fire alarm, fire suppression, and plumbing systems. If any issue arises, staff are automatically notified, providing a quick response time to correct any situation. Intercom technology allows staff to be alerted throughout the space.