Consulting Engineering

Sanford Moorhead Clinic

Sanford HealthMoorhead, MN

The Sanford Super Clinic is a new 50,000 square foot facility designed to accommodate up to 79,000 patients per year in Moorhead and surrounding communities. The new facility contains 48 exam rooms within designated areas, each containing a procedure room and all staff workspaces. A large diagnostic wing includes lab spaces, a radiology suite, occupational medicine, and a pharmacy. Additional shelled space provides Sanford with the flexibility for future expansion.  

The new clinic heating system included highly efficient natural gas boilers and a variable speed heating pump system. Overhead hot water radiant panels were utilized for perimeter heating. Variable flow air handling units with VAV boxes were provided for ventilation, cooling utilized direct expansion units. Sensor faucets and flush valves were provided for plumbing fixtures. An automatic DDC temperature control system was provided for the building. The facility is fully protected with an NFPA 13 fire sprinkler system.