Norton Women and Children's Hospital

Louisville, Kentucky

Norton Women and Children’s Hospital is one of the few hospitals in the country that’s dedicated to women and children. To improve and emphasize their nationally-known prestige, the client wanted to expand the facility. The $95,000,000 East Tower Expansion and Renovation at Norton Women’s and Children’s Hospital involved a three-story addition and an expanded concourse area throughout 140,000 square feet. The fifth floor of the new addition is also home of the Norton Cancer Institute (NCI).

The primary air conditioning systems that were added consisted of several variable volume rooftop and indoor air handling units. The entire fifth floor NCI area is served by a separate HEPA-filtered rooftop unit, allowing for a clean and protected environment for patients. A new boiler plant for space heating and domestic water heating needs was installed at the penthouse level of the addition. Three 3,000 MBH condensing boilers are provided for the building heating requirements. The already existing hospital’s utility service is supplemented with two new 2,500 KVA service transformers which feed a double-ended switchboard.