Norton Women and Children's Hospital

Louisville, Kentucky

This East Tower Expansion and Renovation encompassed approximately 140,000 square feet including a three-story addition atop the existing East Tower and an expanded Concourse area along the entire southern façade of the Hospital’s First Floor entrance. The new addition houses several floors of specialty Women’s and Children’s care, including Ante-Partum & Post-Partum Care, a new Neo-Natal Intensive Care (NICU) Unit and a renovated Emergency Department (ED) capable of responding to both adult and pediatric emergencies. The Fifth Floor of the new Addition is also the new home of the Norton Cancer Institute (NCI), a specialty floor capable of providing for the needs of Immuno-suppressed patients in a comforting, modern environment.

The primary air conditioning systems for the Addition consist of several variable volume rooftop and indoor air handling units. The entirety of the Fifth Floor NCI Area is served by a separate HEPA-filtered rooftop unit allowing for a clean and protected environment for the critical patients that will occupy the floor. A new boiler plant for space heating and domestic water heating needs has been installed at the Penthouse level of the Addition. Three 3,000 MBH condensing boilers were provided for the building heating requirements and three 1,350 MBH condensing water heaters were provided for its hot water needs. These boilers/water heaters were added in response to energy efficiency efforts expressed by the owner and enabled the design to be separate from the less efficient existing building steam service. The existing secondary chilled water pumps installed during the ICU Expansion were used with the new Addition along with the new primary variable pumps that were added to circulate the hydronic hot water through the addition.

It’s critical to have back up power systems in place and reliable to support the demands within the health care facility. The existing hospital’s utility service is supplemented with two new 2,500 KVA service transformers that feed a new 3,200 amp 277/480V double-ended switchboard which supplies power to the Addition. The existing Hospital’s 1500-KW emergency generator is supplemented and paralleled to a new 1500-KW generator and switchboard. Additional automatic transfer switch units have been installed for new emergency power life safety, critical and equipment branch panels. The electrical power distribution systems for the East Tower Expansion and Renovation are supplied to each floor’s new electrical rooms.