Performance Contracting

Mineral County Schools

Mineral County Public SchoolsKeyser, West Virginia

Mineral County Public Schools in Keyser, West Virginia has 15 facilities, approximately 700,000 square feet, with over 4,500 students and faculty. Mineral County’s utility consumption was over $1.4 million annually, not including O&M costs. A major benefit of this performance contracting project is that the overall EUI experienced a dramatic drop, going from 73 to 43 kBtu/SF/year, a reduction of 41%.

The project scope included:

  • 12 school renovations
  • CMTA installed 84 500-feet-deep geothermal wells that heat and cool the facility annually, in addition to replacing the football field house split system heat pumps at Frankfort High School
  • A 220 kW solar photovoltaic (PV) system was installed in the Mineral County Technical Center, and an 80 kW solar PV system was installed in New Creek Primary School, giving these facilities the ability to bank energy credits during the summer
  • 2 gas-fired water heaters were replaced with new 95% efficient condensing boilers and pumps at Keyser High School
  • The latest HVAC controls and enhanced energy savings sequences were added to the majority of these facilities, as well as high-volume gym ventilation ceiling fans, building envelope measures and electric rate changes, reducing energy consumption and operating costs
  • LED lighting was installed district-wide to enhance the learning environment
  • High-consumption plumbing fixtures were replaced with more environmentally friendly low-flow consumption fixtures 

Mineral County Schools Energy Use

What does this data mean?
Baseline: The annual energy consumption before the project
Guaranteed: CMTA's guaranteed energy use for the client post-project
Actual: The measured energy use after the project

In my experience with CMTA, both in Grant County and Mineral County, I have been pleased with the quality of the projects and the positive impacts on our schools.

Troy Ravenscroft, Superintendent

Mineral County Schools, West Virginia