Kanawha County Schools

Charleston, West Virginia

This project features 13 comprehensive HVAC replacements and 10 total roof replacements, which will result in the district achieving nearly 50% in energy reduction upon project completion.

The district identified the facilities to include in this project scope based upon the most immediate need. Project development and design was expedited to move quickly to construction implementation. Within 90 days of selection, 5 roof replacements were underway. HVAC designs were completed over a 7-month period and released in groups for bidding to local contractors.

Comprehensive HVAC and roof replacements include high-performing building designs. All work was performed over summer break and after hours during unoccupied periods to minimize disruptions to the learning environment for students and staff.

The scope includes:

  • Installation of geothermal systems at 5 schools
  • Installation of high-efficiency chilled water plants for 3 facilities
  • Installation of high-efficiency condensing boiler plants for 4 facilities
  • Building automation controls upgrades at all facilities, with multiple vendors integrating to a common standardized front-end system
  • Installation of variable speed terminal equipment
  • 625,000+ square feet of EPDM roof replacements
  • 1,100,000+ square feet of high-efficiency HVAC renovations
  • Complete roof insulation replacement to increase depth by 50% and improve drainage