Zero Energy

Joint Government Center Campus

Miami-Dade County GovernmentFort Lauderdale, Florida

CMTA provided the Zero Energy and power resiliency consulting for the Project Design Criteria package for the Joint Government Center Campus (JGCC). The initial charrette was to develop an energy goal for the project and define the cost for zero energy and potential for electrical resilience through battery storage. The energy goal of the project was set at 30 EUI (Energy Use Intensity) and is designed to be 100% electric for an operationally carbon neutral campus. Through CMTA’s workshops with the city and county, the criteria package incorporates a high-performance envelope and HVAC system that will reject heat to the Floridan aquifer. The budget was increased ~5% to incorporate funding to reduce energy consumption and add on-site renewable energy.

Expressing the forward-thinking values and goals of both government entities, the new campus replaces the existing County Governmental Center East and City Hall with a new joint governmental center, a new bus transit terminal for Broward County’s Transportation Department, administration offices and associated multi-story parking garage.

The renewable generation study consisted of 6 schemes that included options for onsite and off-site generation. These schemes ranged from 25% on-site (roof only) at an ~20 year payback, to covering the entire building (all facades included) to generate 100% of the consumption onsite at a 49-year payback. The scheme that was selected provided visual impact, offset ~30% of usage and had superior economics due to a favorable mix of on-site and off-site generation.