Consulting Engineering

Jean Hofmann Center for Innovation

Carondelet High SchoolConcord, California

To spark creativity, collaboration and innovation for today’s 21st century learner, the new Jean Hofmann Center for Innovation re-imagines both curriculum and space utilization to inspire student success.

The modern, two-story, post-tensioned concrete structure combines white cement plaster with brick accents and complements the existing campus vernacular with a unique interpretation of the predominantly brick campus. The Center supports the goal of enriching student learning through connections and improved circulation. The building serves as a new entry and an edge to the central campus quad and furthers connections via two new bridges that link nearby existing buildings and programs.

With flexibility, transparency, and permeability as project drivers eight classroom environments surround a central atrium to support a range of student-centric spaces: classrooms, collaboration zones, breakout spaces, mentoring areas, student com-mons, maker spaces, and a café.

On the ground floor a 22’ wide x 13’ tall LED display screen supports presentations, group projects and events. Interior folding glass panel doors allow classrooms to flex and connect to adjacent spaces. Garage doors connect the ground floor classrooms to outside program areas which improve visibility, ventilation, and natural light.

Our integrated visioning process allowed stakeholders to define how best to teach today’s learners and discover how the physical environment could support that vision. Through a co-discovery process, we reached the goals of designing a space that has no boundaries and that directly impacts student success.