Performance Contracting

Grand Forks Public Schools

Grand Forks Public SchoolsGrand Forks, North Dakota

CMTA and ICS are leading this GESA project for Grand Forks Public Schools in Grand Forks, North Dakota to address key infrastructure needs at multiple school facilities. 

This project involves major HVAC renovations for three facilities to improve energy performance, restore proper ventilation, add cooling capabilities and replace outdated steam heating systems. The upgrades will also include a heating central plant replacement to correct ongoing operational issues at one facility. The construction for this project will take place over two summers.

The scope of this project includes the following:

  • 13 schools will have all interior and exterior lighting replaced with LED lighting. 
  • Viking ES, Lewis and Clark ES and J. Nelson Kelly ES will all receive HVAC system replacements. All steam heating components will be removed and new hot water and chilled water systems will be installed in order to correct deficient ventilation conditions at each facility and add cooling systems to each building. 
  • An HVAC upgrade will be implemented at J. Nelson Kelly ES, including 2 new gas-fired boilers and 1 new chiller.
  • For Lake Agassiz ES, the existing steam infrastructure will be removed and a new natural gas condensing boiler plant will be installed, including 3 new gas-fired boilers. 
  • HVAC controls upgrades will be implemented at each of the schools receiving an HVAC system upgrade, including optimized operations sequence programming and new graphics generation.
  • District-wide controls retro-commissioning will be implemented for the remaining facilities to ensure all systems are optimized and improve the collective energy efficiency of the district.
  • A more robust building envelope will be created across 12 facilities with weather stripping and door seal installations.