Consulting Engineering

College of Business

University of West GeorgiaCarrollton, Georgia

The University of West Georgia has a vision to combine two aging buildings into one state of the art facility for the College of Business. The 65,000 sf facility is designed around educational flexibility and will improve collaboration between students and faculty.

The state of Georgia employs a custom program to recognize state owned buildings that optimize energy performance, reduce water consumption, utilize local materials and furnishings and protect the Georgia’s natural resources. The building is rated on a scale of 1 to 4 Peaches. The owner and design teams sustainability goal is to receive a perfect goal of four peaches.

The University intends to occupy the building for a minimum of 50 years. With this in mind, the materials and systems selected were evaluated to prioritize life cycle cost. Equipment placement and maintenance access was also carefully studied to ensure maintainability of all equipment. Sustainability measures include water source heat pumps for high density spaces including classrooms and conference rooms, dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) with increased ventilation, heat recovery for the office summer hot water reheat, condensing boilers, high efficiency LED lighting and digital lighting controls.