University of Louisville Belknap Academic Building

Louisville, Kentucky

Located in Louisville, Kentucky, in the heart of the University of Louisville campus, the Belknap Academic Building is a focal point for student academics and sets a new benchmark for college campuses. Encompassing 169,420 SF, the $51M 21st-century building offers engaging study and lounge spaces, state-of-the-art classrooms, and a dedicated science laboratory floor.

The Belknap Academic Building replaced a 1963 facility that, after 50+ years, no longer served the needs of the University. Selecting this site made efficient use of limited space on an urban campus. The promenade in front of the new building was designed to support organic student flow to and from this new, high-profile campus focal point. Ample windows on all sides create a powerful visual statement and energize building occupants with connectivity to the outdoor environment and active campus life.

A crucial design challenge was maximizing building energy efficiency while providing traditional central VAV systems connected to central chilled water and steam to ensure ease of maintenance and system familiarity. To achieve this goal, the project used multiple energy efficient strategies such as energy recovery, dedicated OA for first-stage cooling, roof photovoltaic (PV) array, and dynamic glazing that adjusts tint level in response to the sun. The design team also worked collaboratively to ensure an efficient, tight building envelope. Collectively, these measures contributed to a significant reduction of HVAC system block loads.

Belknap Academic Building

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Baseline: AIA 2030 Annual Energy Use Goal
Actual: The Measured Energy Use of This Project