Zero Energy

Stead Park Recreation Center

Department of General ServicesWashington, DC

CMTA designed the new recreational facility to meet the District of Columbia Department of General Services’ (DCGS) programmatic requirements, creating a modern Stead Park Recreation Center. This included the design for mechanical, electrical, technology, security, photovoltaic, and other sustainable systems. The Park underwent renovations to bring certain elements up-to-date and contribute to the overall improvement of the existing park and recreation center. DCGS aimed to provide an innovative, inclusive facility that meets the majority of programmatic and recreational needs of the community. 

DGS was particularly interested in Stead Park Recreation Center becoming a Net Zero energy building. CMTA explored net zero strategies in the building’s design and certification through the International Living Future Institute’s (ILFI) Zero Energy Building program. The design also exceeded the minimum threshold for sustainability for DC-owned buildings that undergo major renovations by following Appendix Z of the District’s latest energy code for net zero energy standards and considerations. DCGS established a goal to achieve LEED Gold certification at a minimum for this project.