Zero Energy

Lenawee Center for a Sustainable Future

Lenawee Independent School DistrictAdrian, Michigan

This project for the Lenawee Intermediate School District's Center for a Sustainable Future integrated the Agri-Science Horticultural programs with a sustainable curriculum. The resulting project was a Zero Energy facility that contains science laboratories. The 72 kW solar power system has outpaced the energy consumption by 30% in the first year of operation.

One system that successfully integrated the high-performance attributes of the school with its educational purpose is the “Vital Signs” monitor and display graphics. This system serves as a teaching tool, providing real-time data on the sustainable components of the building, such as the solar photovoltaic array and the mechanical and electrical systems, to the teachers and students to study environmental issues locally.

This successful project has been certified as LEED Platinum for its environmental design and has received a 2014 U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon award.

Lenawee Center Consumption Vs. Production

What does this data mean?
Consumption: Energy used by the building
Production: Energy generated by the building