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Rock Ridge High School

Rock Ridge Public SchoolsVirginia, Minnesota

The new Rock Ridge High School combines three well-known Iron Range communities and former athletic rivals into one — uniting as one school, team, and community. This facility will support cross-disciplinary learning through flexible learning environments and collaborative spaces. As learning needs continue to change, so will learning space requirements; therefore, the school is designed with the flexibility to evolve as future needs arise. In addition, with the support of local businesses and partnerships, the school will contain state-of-the-art career technical education (CTE) labs providing students ample resources for STEM education. In addition, this high school is designed to be Net Zero Energy Ready, with prominent features that include building envelope optimization (insulation, air-tightness) to eliminate perimeter mechanical heating systems and accommodation for solar photovoltaic panel arrays.   

The campus’ unique architectural design incorporates environmental elements native to the region and materials deeply rooted in the Iron Range.