Consulting Engineering


USACE - Louisville DistrictWright Patterson Air Force Base

CMTA is providing expertise on high performance HVAC systems and cost-effective mechanical design. After a comprehensive mechanical systems analysis our team proposed an Active Chilled Beam system selection that was not a typical commodity HVAC system and would provide significant energy use reduction. An Active Chilled Beam System provides the optimum combination of simplicity, energy performance, cost, and most importantly, substantially fewer operation interruptions due to maintenance. This was especially important since all five floors have restrictive spaces which creates challenges for uncleared maintenance staff. The design ensured minimal maintenance requirements within secure spaces. The Active Chilled Beam will use 40% less energy than UFC minimum.

CMTA Energy experts provided the Government with the data and expertise needed to give them the confidence to select a system that was unique and forward-thinking and will have long-lasting positive results.