Consulting Engineering

Ed Robson Arena

Colorado CollegeColorado Springs, Colorado

Opening in 2021, the new Ed Robson Arena allows the Colorado College hockey team to play on campus for the first time in their 80+ year program history. The 3,400-seat, three-story facility contains state-of-the-art training amenities, a comprehensive sports medicine space, uninterrupted spectator sections, and premium club lounges. The multi-purpose arena benefits both Colorado College and the Colorado Springs community, as it serves the college's hockey team, intramurals, student life activities, academics, and community hockey leagues.

The building is designed as an aspirational model of accessibility and sustainability for students and the nation. Compared to the previous ice arena, which was the least energy-efficient building on campus, the newly constructed arena embraces best building practices and sustainable materials, furthering the college's commitment to sustainable design with its energy goals. To increase the facility's energy efficiency, CMTA implemented low-emissivity windows, perforated metal sunscreens around the building, thick exterior walls, and a highly reflective roof. Additionally, both the arena and attached parking garage are compatible with roof-mounted solar panels—a potential future addition to offset the facility's energy use.

Opting for a heating and cooling system fed from the campus, the new arena is engineered to achieve exceptional efficiency standards while also ensuring ease of maintenance and operation for facilities staff. A unique aspect of CMTA's mechanical design is the implementation of a high-temperature heating water system for heating the arena—a system that is rarely used in the region, showcasing innovative use of technology to meet sustainable goals.