Fairfax County's Pender Office Project Will Conserve Energy and Save Money



Fairfax County's Pender Office Project Will Conserve Energy and Save Money

This article was originally published on the Fairfax County Government News Center.


As part of a guaranteed energy savings performance contract with Fairfax County Government, CMTA provided the Pender Office Building with a new rooftop solar array and other energy improvements that will save money, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and support the county’s climate action goals.

The project, which was a partnership between the Fairfax County Redevelopment and Housing Authority (FCRHA) and the Office of Environmental and Energy Coordination, is another step in meeting the county’s goals for carbon neutrality in its facilities, fleet vehicles, and operations, including 50% of county electricity from renewable sources by 2040, as outlined in their Operational Energy Strategy.

Constructed in 1986, the three-story, 49,000-square-foot Pender Office Building, which serves as FCRHA’s headquarters, received LED lighting upgrades, new electric transformers and air handling units, weatherization treatments, and improvements to building automation systems. Overall, the project is expected to reduce annual electricity consumption by 23%, producing up to $35,500 in savings in the first year.

Additional project details:

  • The 90 kW solar photovoltaic array will provide at least 9% of the building’s total annual electric load (enough to power nine homes annually).
  • Existing lighting systems were replaced with energy-efficient LED technology with motion sensors.
  • Three rooftop air handling units, two split-system heat pumps, and three electric transformers were replaced with new high-efficiency units.
  • Weatherstripping, sealing, and window film were applied throughout the building for greater energy savings.
  • Altogether, these systems will reduce the carbon footprint equivalent to removing more than 47 cars from the road each year.


"It's important we recognize the progress we are making in our efforts to be leaner and greener in our energy use," said Board of Supervisors Chairman Jeff McKay. "Projects like this not only save the county money in lower energy bills but reinforce the commitment we've made to the community to make climate action a priority."

The county is working with CMTA to make energy, lighting, and mechanical upgrades at 18 facilities, which includes projects already completed at the City of Fairfax Regional Library, Cub Run Rec Center, and South Run Rec Center. The two recreation center projects were recognized with the Virginia Energy Efficiency Council’s 2023 Leadership Award. An energy improvement at Spring Hill Rec Center will be completed by summer 2024 and includes the largest geothermal heat pump HVAC system in a Fairfax County Park Authority facility.


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