Case Study: Performance Contracting

Kentucky State Parks

Frankfort, KentuckyKentucky Department of Parks

Reinvigorating Ten Parks in Eastern Kentucky

CMTA brought years of energy engineering experience to bear for ten Kentucky State Parks, sprawled across the Eastern region of the state. Thanks to our innovative approaches, five State Park Lodges and more than 875,000 square feet were renovated to the most current energy standards.

The Challenges

  • Managing the geographic scope of the project.
  • Working within the limitations of the job sites.
  • Staying on schedule while the parks were operational.
  • Overcoming two natural disasters during the project.
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Despite geographic challenges and fires, CMTA delivered everything promised with no impact to the schedule or operations. Created with Sketch.

The Solutions

One of the solutions we found for these remote locales was our first lake-sourced geothermal system. This innovative system relies on a nearby lake to reject and absorb heat, rather than a traditional bore field. We were also able to connect these far-flung sites with state-of-the-art technology. Web-based access to the system’s controls allows maintenance and management staff to access the controls from any location with internet access. Overall, this leads to more immediate, real-time energy saving results.

Scheduling for this project was tricky as all of the lodges that we renovated were in use at the time. The parks never shut down during the course of the project, so phasing and coordination were paramount to the success of the build. CMTA also faced unexpected impediments to the progress of our projects for the State Parks Department. During the course of the renovation two of the lodges suffered fires. Although neither of the fires were the result of our construction, they did create considerable scheduling and coordination difficulties that we were able to overcome successfully.

The View from Here

Despite having to overcome everything from geographic challenges to fires, the CMTA team was able to deliver everything we proposed during our initial interviews with the State Parks Department with no impact to the schedule or the parks’ operations.

The Results

The new HVAC systems for the parks are less costly to maintain and more energy efficient, leading to savings that improves the Parks Department’s bottom line. Our first lake-sourced geothermal system is fully functional, and provides sustainable energy reduction without using a traditional bore field. The new controls systems give the parks operations team access to the systems remotely while allowing the park registration to occupy and un-occupy guest rooms based on real time scheduling.

Each of the state park lodges has had significant energy reductions that range from 22% reduction at Blue Licks Battlefield to 41% reduction at Jenny Wiley State Resort Park. These savings are based on the actual meter read data from each state park.

Carter Caves State Park Energy Use

What does this data mean?
Baseline: The annual energy consumption before the project
Guaranteed: CMTA's guaranteed energy use for the client post-project
Actual: The measured energy use after the project