Shepherd University

Guaranteed Energy Savings Contract

CMTA is progressing on construction for this Guaranteed Energy Savings Contract project for Shepherd University, located in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. 

The initial phase features a complete renovation of the HVAC systems at the Butcher Athletic Center and replacement of the centralized cooling systems at Dunlop and Printz Residence Halls. Additional work includes LED lighting upgrades across campus and building automation system upgrades for 13 buildings. All construction work is scheduled for the spring semester of 2022 to minimize downtime and disruption for campus educators and students.

Butcher Athletic Center HVAC renovations involve the replacement of the 35-year-old split systems with new:  

  • Propane-fired boilers with integral redundancy
  • Rooftop-mounted air-cooled chilled water system
  • Rooftop-mounted packaged air handling unit serving the Gym that is decoupled from other HVAC systems
  • 14 indoor-mounted hydronic air handling units

The Dunlop and Printz Residence Halls central cooling replacement involves the demolition of the existing non-operational chiller system and the installation of an air-cooled system that will be easier to maintain.

With the LED lighting upgrades, 12,400 fixtures on campus across 26 buildings will be retrofitted or replaced, ultimately saving 974,838 kWh of electrical consumption annually.

The building automation system upgrades involve the installation and commission of a new open source direct digital controls system for 13 buildings on campus

Domestic water metering will be revised at 4 buildings to properly meet demand and save $41,000 per year in billing charges.