Zero Energy

Mansfield Elementary

Manchester Public SchoolsMansfield, Connecticut

Mansfield Elementary School is a new 80,000 square foot facility and Connecticut's first new construction Zero Energy school. The school requires less maintenance, provides healthier air quality, and increases occupant productivity, all while saving Mansfield Public Schools in operating costs.

CMTA collaborated with the design team to optimize building orientation, the overall shape of the building, and key surface ratios, including overall exterior surface-to-floor area ratio and window-to-wall ratio. Between the original design and the final design, the building surface ratio was reduced by 40%, which has a large impact on energy performance. Additionally, the team optimized insulating values of windows, walls and glazing, and reviewed solar heat mapping and daylighting concepts in the classrooms, reviewing glare and annual sunlight exposure was taken into account. The resulting design gives building occupants direct access to outside views and natural daylight, without the headaches from glare.

Mansfield Elementary School will realize significant energy savings through the use of multiple strategies, including: optimum solar orientation, a tight building envelope, appropriate use of glazing, occupancy sensors and geothermal HVAC systems. A roof-mounted solar photovoltaic array offsets the building’s utility demand so that it operates at Zero Energy.