KCTCS: Ashland and Bluegrass

Guaranteed Energy Savings Contract

Contract Amount: $5,759,110

Guaranteed Savings: $319,804

This project was a Guaranteed Energy Savings Contract that included 20 buildings over 725,383 square feet at two separate community colleges. The first college, Ashland Community and Technical College, consists of three separate campuses. The second, Bluegrass Community and Technical College, has two main campuses and four remote campuses. The project was 100% funded through energy and operational savings. 

  • 5 buildings received extensive HVAC renovations with DDC control systems 
  • All 20 buildings received building control upgrades and were integrated into Commonwealth Energy Management and Control System (CEMCS) 
  • Lighting upgrades across all the buildings included LED fixtures, occupancy controls, and photocell controls 
  • Water efficiency upgrades consisted of low flow plumbing fixtures 
  • Computer power management across both colleges

Contact: reference available upon request

Actual Savings Averaging $373,650 per year
17% above guarantee