Consulting Engineering

Hagg-Sauer Hall

Bemidji State UniversityBemidji, MN

BSU’s Hagg-Sauer building was an aging facility needing replacement and right-sizing for the students and faculty. Therefore, the campus underwent a multi-year project to demolish the old building and construct a new one in its place. In the meantime, remodels were accomplished in four other buildings on campus to house the staff being moved out of the Hagg-Sauer building during demolition and construction.  

The new Academic Learning Center includes multiple large classroom spaces, a lecture hall, spacious lobbies, and staff spaces that feature an abundance of modern technology infrastructure. An energy-efficient chilled beam and induction unit system was designed and installed to comply with state B3 (Building, Benchmarks, and Beyond) guidelines for sustainability. In addition, campus steam and chilled water are now utilized for heating and cooling the building.  

CMTA provided mechanical, electrical, and B3 energy modeling services.