Consulting Engineering

AstraZeneca Campus CHP System

AstraZenecaGaithersburg, Maryland

CMTA provided full engineering design and construction administration services for a 2.5 megawatt Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system and electrical consolidation commissioning at AstraZeneca's campus in Gaithersburg, Maryland (formerly MedImmune). 

With a goal of reducing the carbon footprint, decreasing facility operational costs, increasing power reliability and increasing resiliency against outages, AstraZeneca contracted with CMTA to design the CHP system. This system includes five megawatts of natural gas powered generation capacity, steam and hot water heat recovery heat exchangers, and a 500-ton double-effect absorption chiller.

However, before connecting the CHP system to the existing campus-wide energy infrastructure, eight different utility electrical services feeding into adjacent campus buildings were consolidated into a single campus-wide medium voltage switchgear with two new redundant utility feeders. A paralleling switchgear was added to tie together two existing 3-megawatt diesel generators to the CHP systems. This system provides the campus with the capability to respond quickly to an immediate outage, as well as sustaining long-term generation during a prolonged outage event by transitioning to island mode.

On an annual basis, the system is designed to offset approximately $1.6 million in operating costs by producing over 32,000 MWH of electricity and 80,000 MMBtu of recovered heat.