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Zero Energy

Is Zero Energy Achievable Within Budget?

In the Third Quarter issue of Design Intelligence Quarterly, Mr. Hans, Vice President and National Director of Sustainable projects for CMTA, stresses that Zero Energy is part of the design process and must be a priority for the design team from the start.

Zero Energy

Discovery Elementary School wins ASHRAE National Technology Award

Discovery Elementary was recognized for innovative building design in the areas of occupant comfort, indoor air quality and energy conservation by ASHRAE with a First Place Award for new K-12 Educational Buildings in ASHRAE’s National Technology Awards.


University of Kentucky’s Center for Advanced Energy Research’s (CAER) pursues new and beneficial energy strategies in biofuels, solar energy and lithium battery research

This article showcases how University of Kentucky's CAER pursues ground-breaking energy strategies in research in a building focused on achieving energy-efficient performance. Since this article was written, CARE II achieved LEED Gold certification.


The First Daylight School in Kentucky, Caywood Elementary

In the Spring 2015 High Performing Building article, CMTA applies its daylighting philosophy to a hypothetical re-design of Richardsville Elementary School, the first Zero Energy school in the United States.


Locust Trace AgriScience Center Becomes Kentucky's Second Zero Energy School

This Winter 2015 article in High Performing Buildings magazine explains how this unique facility set and achieved its Zero Energy goals.


The World's First Zero Energy Police Station

This 24/7/365 facility achieved a 50% energy reduction making the 329 kW solar PV array affordable. The facility also has a net metering agreement with the local utility company that provides revenue from selling all unneeded power back to the gird. The Police Station, which is the first of its kind achieved petal recognition for energy from the International Living Futures Institute.