Legence 2024 Sustainability Report



Legence 2024 Sustainability Report

Legence recently released its 2024 Sustainability Report, marking a year of significant strides in leveraging its joint resources to champion sustainability. Throughout the past year, Legence continued to mobilize its collective potential by elevating its people, delivering excellence, and growing sustainably. CMTA, a Legence company, is proud to be a part of this initiative to create a sustainable future—faster.

In pursuit of these goals, Legence conducted an extensive review of the operations and impact of its 70 offices nationwide, home to more than 5,700 consultants, engineers, craftspeople, and technicians. The following numbers represent Legence’s sustainability impact for 2023:

  • 4.19 MTCO2e emissions per employee, which is a 15% reduction from 2022
  • 7M+ hours dedicated to sustainable building design
  • 5.5B+ SF across 22,000+ buildings as an ESG advisor
  • 10M+ SF of net zero energy design
  • 1.1GW+ of on-site renewable energy projects across the US
  • $21B+ in energy efficiency and renewable energy projects over the past three years

It will take all of our collective efforts to turn the tide of climate change. Legence and our network of companies are committed to our shared mission of delivering high-performance buildings by leveraging our teams’ integrated approach, technical expertise, and passion for our clients, communities, and colleagues. Together, we are creating a future in which energy-efficient, healthy, and sustainable buildings are the norm, not the exception.


Net Zero by 2040

In addition to helping our clients develop net zero strategies, Legence is working to reduce our own carbon footprint, aiming for Net Zero carbon emissions by 2040. To understand our environmental impact, we looked at our operations, mapping and analyzing our carbon footprint to help realize our roadmap to Net Zero by 2040. We’re focusing our efforts on the following key items to achieve these ambitious decarbonization goals:

  • Data Collection and Opportunity Assessments: Benchmarking data, inventorying GHG emissions, optimizing business travel, integrating best practices
  • Efficiency Optimization: Cataloging fleet optimization, prioritizing green buildings, conserving water and reducing waste
  • Green Power Procurement: Procuring 100% renewable energy
  • Renewables: Assessing renewable energy opportunities, investigating renewable energy project sponsorship
  • Environmental Certificates: Growing partnerships, sponsoring renewables and mitigation projects

By adopting these measures, we embody the principles we advocate for, prioritizing the reduction of our own carbon footprint as well as that of our clients.


Our Power is Our People

Legence’s legacy is defined by our people. A sustainable world needs big thinkers, and that is exactly who our people are. The significant strides we’ve made in 2023 are only possible through our incredible team members, who are committed to driving sustainability, impacting the built environment, and developing innovative solutions for clients and communities. Our power truly is our people.


About Legence

Legence, a Blackstone Portfolio Company is North America’s leading, integrated provider of energy efficiency and sustainability solutions for the built environment. We specialize in helping clients decrease operating costs, reduce carbon emissions, and enhance occupant well-being and productivity. As an Energy Transition Accelerator, Legence transforms buildings to ensure the promise of tomorrow at speed and scale, offering a comprehensive suite of Stackable Solutions across the entire building lifecycle.


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