Louisville, Kentucky

Roger Maybrier’s interest in engineering began when he was a child who often disassembled small appliances to discover how they worked. His career started many years later when he worked as a drafter while earning his associate’s degree in architectural technology and then a B.S. in mechanical engineering from the University of Kentucky while still working full-time. He joined CMTA Energy Solutions in 2016 and became a partner in 2019. Roger's ability to quickly understand complex systems and identify root causes, coupled with his resourcefulness in developing creative solutions is critical to energy conservation projects. Throughout his tenure at CMTA, Roger has been instrumental in developing projects worth $20 million, resulting in more than $5 million in energy savings for CMTA's clients.

Roger is a leader, technical expert, and educator in the office. When someone asks Roger a technical question, he does not simply give them the answers without explaining the “why” behind it. Teaching confidence and the ability to solve complex problems with the available tools and resources is paramount in developing exceptional engineers and project managers. Roger goes above and beyond to ensure younger engineers have the tools and resources to succeed.

Devoted to client satisfaction, Roger is known for giving clients his cell phone number and telling them to call whenever they need help with their buildings, whether they are part of one of his projects or not. He even goes as far as to leave his number in the mechanical rooms and on the equipment so that facility successors, equipment operators, or service technicians may reach out for assistance. Roger’s philosophy is that for any project to be successful, the people who operate the buildings daily must also be successful, which means they also understand what the systems are doing and why. This approach is one of the reasons Roger is such an asset to CMTA and his clients.