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Zero Energy

CMTA’s Tony Hans answers the question, “Is Zero Energy achievable within budget?”

In the Third Quarter issue of Design Intelligence Quarterly, Mr. Hans, Vice President and National Director of Sustainable projects for CMTA, stresses that Zero Energy is part of the design process and must be a priority for the design team from the start.

Zero Energy

Arlington Public Schools’ Discovery Elementary School has received national attention.

The school was featured in the ASHRAE Journal’s May 2018 issue. Discovery Elementary was recognized for innovative building design in the areas of occupant comfort, indoor air quality and energy conservation by ASHRAE with a First Place Award for new K-12 Educational Buildings in ASHRAE’s National Technology Awards.

Zero Energy

They said it couldn’t be done.

The first Zero Energy School in the U.S. opened in 2010 in in Warren County, Kentucky. Until Richardsville Elementary opened most K-12 Zero Energy projects were small and didn’t include large conditioned spaces like a gymnasium, media center and cafeteria. This Fall 2012 issue of High Performing Buildings documents this remarkable achievement.

Zero Energy

ARCHITYPE - January 2020

CMTA Leads Breakthrough Zero Energy Project in Connecticut