Energy Performance Research

The CMTA team has the confidence to innovate new solutions because our decisions are fueled by research. We question the status quo by pushing ourselves to go beyond the boundaries of engineering science, constantly looking for ways to improve the built environment.

Our team of passionately curious individuals never stops looking for new knowledge. We continuously measure and verify energy usage, investigate and test new technologies, and survey occupants to determine performance outcomes. While some people may fear research because it leads to change, the CMTA team embraces it with a spirit of adventure and enthusiasm.

We take our research beyond the current marketplace, leading us to create brand new products to solve challenges. We're excited to collaborate with higher education institutions on research projects that expand our horizons and knowledge into new technology. Through partnerships like these, CMTA's engineers are creating new ways to enhance environments, lower total cost of ownership, improve efficiencies and maximize occupant wellness.

Our curiosity fuels the research, our experience guides our path and our passion guarantees our success. You can count on CMTA to have the courage to lead the industry.

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