University of Kentucky Esports

Lexington, Kentucky

CMTA Technology Solutions in close partnership with the University of Kentucky’s leadership were challenged with developing a cutting-edge technology-infused space to cater to today’s ever-evolving Esports industry. Relying heavily on a student-first approach, coordination with the actual users of the space and those expectations were used to develop a very flexible and capable audio and video system. This system utilized the University’s IT network heavily, close coordination between the ITS department, the designers and installers was critical to pull this integrated system off.

Designed as a hub of activity around innovation, entrepreneurship and economic development, the Cornerstone supports the university’s nationally recognized Smart Campus digital strategy that focuses on increasing persistence and graduation rates, while preparing students for lives of meaning and purpose. The facility includes a 100 seat Esports theater, two “team rooms” for practice and pre-match warm up along with a 50-station gaming lounge and three console stations for latest and greatest console gaming experience. Video can be routed from any input location to any or all display locations to make a very robust viewing situation that keeps flexibility first and foremost. Audio in the space is distributed and zoned to allow maximum flexibility based on use case.

The innovation flex space utilizes state of the art collaboration technology for bringing both local and remote participants together in a very interactive way. Large multi-point touch monitors enable very dynamic meetings and lectures that will keep both near-end and far-end users engaged.

UK Esports is not only cutting edge when it comes to gaming, streaming and other technologies, it utilizes modern technology to provide security and safety for all users. Security and safety features were incorporated into the design in alignment with University of Kentucky's campus security standards. The state-of-the-art system includes keyless entry, access control, analytic cameras and warning notification systems.

CMTA’s role as technology interpreter between all parties made this project successful. CMTA expedited, budgeted and executed the vision for the space, transforming it into one of the most robust immersive experiences in Esports in the United States. CMTA continues to stay engaged with the University of Kentucky to continue to fine-tune the systems as new use cases come about.