Toyota of Corvallis

Corvallis, Oregon

Toyota of Corvallis, Gensler Architects and CMTA collaborated as a team to deliver the first Zero Energy car dealership in the United States. The 274 kW solar panel system produces 300,000 kwh annually, enough to power this building. It could also power 25-30 homes annually. “We applaud Toyota of Corvallis for setting a positive example and creating a first-of-its-kind template for the auto dealership of the future,” said Steve Haag, Toyota Motor Sales regional manager.

The facility was completed in 2016 and has achieved LEED Platinum status. Innovative design solutions such as a geothermal HVAC system, radiant floor heating systems, carbon monoxide monitoring, high efficiency lighting systems, rain water harvesting for landscape irrigation, permeable pavement system and plug load management as just a few features of this high performance building.

Not only is Toyota of Corvallis setting a new standard for Toyota, they are leading the industry in a completely new direction.

Rick Ferrara