Redhat Tower

Raleigh, North Carolina

In response to rapid corporate growth, Redhat relocated headquarters operations from Raleigh’s suburban Centennial Campus to a recently vacated 450,000 gsf 19 story downtown office tower. CMTA engineered a LEED CI Gold, $60M gut renovation of the property to support the goal of providing a modern, energy efficient, transparent, and innovative hub for this burgeoning brand. This design included full renovation of the entire building, a new Tier 3 Data Center, a new Cafeteria, as well as installation of an advanced building automation system to provide energy dashboarding, A/V integration, security/emergency response and HVAC connectivity. This dashboard was not only a useful building management tool, but supported the corporate culture of providing transparency into operations. The project achieved an Energy Star Score of 95 and stands out from Raleigh’s skyline as a monument to innovation.