Music Venue at the Banks

Cincinnati, Ohio

The Banks has changed the way the world sees Cincinnati, both inside and out. The MEMI project, will occupy one of the last developed lots in the prestigious entertainment district along the banks of the Ohio River. The new music venue will reshape the pulse of public space at Cincinnati’s riverfront and will provide a site for over 150 national shows per year. Seating 4,500 people on three levels will allow for a highly energized space, but also offer a high level of intimacy for both the performers and patrons. The project will be constructed on top of a new garage podium, will be over 60,000 square foot and have a total construction cost of over $30,000,000.

MEMI wanted the impact of this new music venue to “reverberate beyond just the building itself, reshaping how people throughout the region engage with public space along the Banks of the Ohio River.” CMTA embraced this vision and worked diligently to ensure the building systems achieved this. Exterior mechanical and lighting systems were carefully coordinated with screening and view angles to ensure they could not be seen. Interior lighting control systems that would reduce the interior lighting at night were designed as well. They also provide enough light for the building to glow at night. HVAC systems were designed using ASHRAE’s “Indoor Air Quality Procedures” along with bipolar ionization systems to help reduce outdoor air. Savings associated with this approach were shifted to the exterior envelope in terms of performance and look. The results are breathtaking, and hundreds of thousands of people will benefit from and enjoy each year.