Middlesboro Independent Schools

Contract Amount: $1,370,000

Guaranteed Savings: $73,065

This project was a Guaranteed Energy Savings Contract that included four buildings including 226,000 square feet in the Middlesboro School district. This project was 100% funded from energy and operational savings. Construction for the High School Central Plant took place over one summer and was completed in 3 months. 

  • Middlesboro High School received an upgrade to the central plant which included new boilers, pumps, chiller, and controls 
  • A new building automation system was installed at Middlesboro High School, Middle School, and the Central Auditorium 
  • Existing T12 and T8 interior fluorescents and exterior fixtures were replaced with LED technology at the High School, Middle School, and Central Auditorium 
  • New gas water heaters were installed at the Middle School 
  • The High School, Middle School, and Central Auditorium were combined to one electric account to allow the district to purchase power at a lower rate.
Reference available upon request.

CMTA is knowledgeable about many options available to you regarding energy conservation... their willingness to help goes beyond normal expectations. I have found their advice on other matters extremely beneficial.

Steve Martin

Facilities Director, Middlesboro Independent Schools

Actual Savings Averaging $139,079 per year, 90% above guarantee