Kentucky International Convention Center

Louisville, Kentucky

When it came time for the Kentucky International Convention Center to renovate and expand their exhibit hall space in downtown Louisville, the Commonwealth of Kentucky hired CMTA to perform the commissioning services. The client wanted to create an additional 230,000 square feet of exhibit hall space while renovating and relocating convention center components along the way.

CMTA provided commissioning services for the direct digital temperature controls, air handling and outside air units, domestic water heating, lighting systems, electrical distribution, owner training, and a warranty manual.

To execute the project appropriately, CMTA created a detailed commissioning plan, led and supervised the design commissioning efforts, reviewed all design documents, and created commissioning specifications starting at the design development phase through post-construction. These steps ensured the project stayed on schedule, all equipment and systems were accounted for, and all regulations and requirements were met. The project was completed in 2018 and is certified as LEED Silver.