Kenton County School District

Kenton County, Kentucky

In recent years, school districts across the nation have increased attention from students, faculty, and parents concerning enhanced security in and around campus properties. To answer those concerns, Kenton County Schools is responding and raising the standard for K-12 School Districts. The mission is to provide world-class education and take sensible, rational steps to improve the safety and security of their schools and all those who occupy them.

CMTA conducted Electronic Safety & Security assessments in all seventeen district school facilities. The assessments made recommendations on electronic access control, video management monitoring, and other security initiatives. The KCSD Board of Education responded by implementing the plans and recommendations throughout the district. This consists of a fully integrated, district-wide system which utilizes multiple analytics and features push notifications from centralized servers.

This project is the first in the Commonwealth to incorporate and exceed the “2019 School Safety and Resiliency Act” security requirements. CMTA is passionate about school safety and is proud to partner with Kenton County Schools and The Center for School Safety.

We are experiencing a full-blown cultural shift in how security is viewed.

Rob Haney, Chief Operations Officer

Kenton County School District