Historic Renovation

Frankfort, Kentucky

This project achieved LEED designation with energy cost savings of 39% using ASHRAE 90.1 2007. The building runs at a 33.9 Energy Use Intensity (EUI) and has an ENERGY STAR score of 95/100. The baseline EUI for courthouses is 74.3.

Energy saving strategies included an HVAC system consisting of unitary water source heat pumps for zone control and two dedicated outside air handling units with energy recovery. Also, the water source heat pump unit condenser water system consists of a primary-secondary pump system with a fluid cooler and two 909 MBH high efficiency condensing boilers. The fans are controlled by a VFD and each unit is optimized for a 10% reduction of exhaust air capacity.

The building implemented occupancy sensors, which provide automatic lighting shutoff throughout the facility. The sensor schedule is coordinated with the HVAC system allowing different areas to have separate occupied and unoccupied hours. Active daylighting systems have been used to decrease the usage of the artificial lighting using the natural lighting in the space. Additional lighting in the offices and corridors consist primarily of recessed 2 x 4 troffers while the open work areas will contain linear pendant mounted fluorescent fixtures with high efficiency ballasts. The court rooms contain a combination of recessed down lights and pendant fixtures.

This project won the 2015 Award of Merit by the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America.