Barkley Elementary School

Ft. Campbell, Kentucky

This high-performance school was achievable within the budget through real value engineering while adhering to strict government and military requirements. 

Through collaboration with owner user groups and design consultants CMTA helped achieve drastic energy reductions by maximizing the building envelope, HVAC and lighting systems. CMTA’s Building Science Leadership principles were instrumental to the success of this project. Real-world performance data was applied to calibrate our models and present design alternatives that allowed the stakeholders to make more informed decisions during the design process arriving at innovative systems choices.

As a result of our collaborative design process, many high-performance features were implemented at this innovative school. The school has a projected Energy Use Index (EUI) of 19 and this will be accomplished through a high-performance building envelope (including insulated concrete form ICF walls), north-south building orientation, high performance glass, geothermal HVAC, demand control ventilation systems, extensive daylighting, 100% LED lighting and solar water heating.

The building opened in 2017 and we are collecting data to validate that the design decisions made in 2012 were the best value for the Owner. Our initial results are tracking close to the target and we are working with the Owner regularly to optimize the operations of the new school. We are very excited about this design and the results that it will achieve for the Owner by being the most energy efficiency school for DoDEA.

CMTA has been a major contributor to our success on Barkley Elementary School. Their engineering expertise and unique insights into high-performance building systems helped us to deliver a school that is an awesome prototype for the future.

Doug Brown