Alvin ISD Shadow Creek High School

Alvin, Texas

Located just south of Houston, Texas, Shadow Creek High School is located in Alvin Independent School District, one of the state’s fastest-growing school districts. A winner of the prestigious William Caudill Award in 2018 for excellence in planning and design of the learning environment, this three-story, +550,000 square feet facility opened for the 2016-2017 school year. The facility serves +2,500 students and includes features such as an auditorium and natatorium.

With a 4.5% student growth rate (or approximately 1,200 new students a year), Alvin ISD aggressively pursues energy efficient systems that assist in helping control expanding operational costs. The design team’s focus involved reducing building load and central plant capacity, ensuring that spaces were daylit correctly and ensuring that systems were easily maintainable by AISD staff. The end product resulted in a high school with an actual EUI of 23.1, with yearly utility costs of $0.55 per square foot for the 2017-2018 School year.

Shadow Creek High School Energy Use

What does this data mean?
Baseline: US National Median High School Energy Use
Actual: The measured energy use of this project