CMTA Saves Ohio County Schools $2.3 Million in Energy Savings


Performance Contracting

CMTA Saves Ohio County Schools $2.3 Million in Energy Savings

Over the past three years, CMTA partnered with Ohio County Schools in West Virginia on an energy savings performance contract. As a result, CMTA saved the district over $2.3 million in energy savings, nearly $1 million above what was initially expected! By replacing aging systems, the district has realized drastic utility cost savings that can be reinvested in construction.

Two of the district’s thirteen facilities, Middle Creek and Elm Grove elementary schools, were outfitted with geothermal coil heating systems. Post-installation, Middle Creek saw a staggering 74% decrease in total energy costs, while Elm Grove experienced an impressive 59%. With sufficient land space to accommodate the coil, these innovative installations have proven highly effective and will continue to provide energy savings for years to come. Additionally, eight of the district's thirteen facilities have qualified for Energy Star Certification, with Elm Grove earning a perfect score of 100 and Middle Creek earning a score of 99.

CMTA Engineers Jonathan Gasser and Presley Dean recently updated Ohio County Board of Education members on the success of the energy savings performance contract.

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